Policies of Strand Adventures

  1. A current waiver is required to enter (participants and parents/guardians). Once on file your waiver is good for a period of 2 years.

  2. A paid ticket is good for the applicable attraction in the time period booked (e.g. 1 hour Ninja Gym from 4pm-5pm). Use of other attractions within Strand Adventures can be arranged at the front desk for a small add-on fee.

  3. Once the allotted time for the ticket has expired, participants will need to leave the premises. Loitering will not be allowed inside or outside the building. Parents please plan for all activities to conclude at the same time to avoid any issues.

  4. Kids can only be dropped off without an adult if they are over 12 years old, have a signed waiver, a paid ticket, and have a means to get home after their ticket expires.

  5. Excessive rough housing, profanity, tampering with equipment, defacing of the facility, or using equipment beyond its intended origin of use, will result in immediate dismissal from the premises without refund. Repeat offenses will result in being banned from the facility. (All rooms are equipped with security cameras)

  6. Proper Attire: The minimum attire at the facility is gym shorts, T-shirts, socks and tennis shoes. Any conventional exercise attire is permissible, including leotards and tights, warm-up suits, etc. Sneakers, tennis shoes or similar footwear must be worn at all times except on attractions where footwear is not permitted in which socks are required. No bare feet allowed! Snowy, dirty, or wet footwear or clothing must be replaced and put in the provided areas prior to use of any of the attractions.

  7. Food and beverage may not be brought into the facility except for bottled water or sports beverages. Alcoholic beverages are strictly prohibited.

  8. Smoking of any kind or consumption of tobacco products is strictly prohibited in the facility including vape-pen/e-cigarettes.

  9. No user may leave litter, trash, debris or articles of clothing at the facility.

  10. Any articles of clothing or personal belongings are not the responsibility of Strand Adventures.


Party and Special Event Policies

  1. Parties and Special Events need to be booked two weeks in advance and secured with a non- refundable deposit. Deposit will be applied toward your total.

  2. Food and drinks are allowed in the party room only. No food or drink are allowed in the attractions.

  3. Strand Adventures is not responsible for illness or reactions from food brought into the facility by the event hosts.

  4. The Event Host assumes responsibility for the supervision and safety of all children in their party.

  5. Guests of the party can not be dropped off prior to the start of the Party and should be picked up promptly at the end of the party time.

  6. Decorations including setup and take down need to take place within the party rental time frame.

  7. Decorations can not be taped on the ceiling, walls, tables or chairs.

  8. Helium Balloons must be attached to a weight at all times when in the facility. Failure to comply could result in a $100 fee.

  9. The Event Room should be cleaned up to the best of your ability with all trash, food, and decorations disposed of prior to the end of your event.

  10. The Party Rooms are located upstairs, so please keep that in mind as you consider carry-ins for your party.